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About Our company

Our production facilities are housed in a bakery plant in Presov, East Slovakia. We have the largest and most technologically advanced production process for this type of product segment in Slovakia. Our bakery produces sweet and savoury pastries of the highest quality.


We have been certified since 2013, which is when we commenced production of pastries and croissants. We followed on by producing frozen pastries for in-store bakeries where they are oven baked for sale to the general public. In 2014 we developed an assortment of pastries that are frozen after being baked and defrosted before sale or by customer just before home consumption. 


The plant’s modern technology allows for variability and innovation in producing our clients ever changing needs. This is one of our key strengths and is critical in the systematic adjustment of any or all of our production programmes. In this way we are able to service the needs of our customers quickly and efficiently. 


The range of our current pastries is listed in our catalogue, which is frequently changing in line with customer’s needs. Innovations in products are continuously developed in line with regional consumer and customer requirements.


Our advanced technology allows flexibility in responding to the actual and changing needs of the consumer in the food production market. Our priorities lie in the fulfilment of our retailers and consumers wishes. This assures that our products will become a permanent selection in bakery and frozen bakery products in the food retail market. 

Where our products are sold?

Baked and semi-finished products produced by Frost, a.s. Presov are distributed and sold in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Our products can be found in all of the major food chains in Slovakia, however, our biggest client is the Polish food store chain Biedronka.... In order to expand our market share, we have diversified and increased our whole product range by introducing new types of pastries. We believe, that the taste, structure and quality of these new products will appeal to retailers and consumers alike. 

The BRC Certificate

In the Year 2014 we implemented our internal control systems of safety and quality and also the requirements of Global norms for the food safety BRC Certificate. The process of implementing this safety system for food production was finalized in November 2014 when our system was successfully approved by a certified audit where we gained the appropriate BRC certificate.