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About company Frost a.s. Presov

Production facilities of bakery products and frozen bakery semifinished products are situated in Presov, Petrovanska no.34/B. It is a bakery plant, which belongs to the biggest and the most technologically advanced manufacturers in this food segment in Slovakia.


Technological tests were completed and the license was approved by competent authorities in the year 2013. After that we started manufacturing baked bakery products, for example croissants. It followed with production of frozen bakery products. These are made for in-store bakeries and sold to the final consumer. In 2014 we included our assortment bakery products which are frozen after baking and defrosted just before eating at home or being sold to the final consumer.


The plant has modern technology to produce previously mentioned bakery products and semifinished products. Variability and further potential for innovation is huge. The plant’s potential of innovation is one the most significant strengths of the company. It is achieved by systematic adjusting of production programs to customers needs and by expanding the bakery products portfolio.


The assortment of up-to-date products is listed in our catalogue, however it is frequently changed based on particular needs of business partners. New sorts of products are continuously developed according to regional requirements of final consumers in the location where pastries are offered and sold.


The plant’s settings and advanced technology allow flexible responds to actual needs of the food markets. Our priority is the fulfillment of retailers’ needs and mostly wishes of final consumers. It allows our products to become a permanent selection of bakery products and frozen bakery products in the food retail market.

Where are our products sold?

Baked bakery products and frozen semifinished products manufactured by Frost a.s.
Presov are distributed and sold in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and the Czech
In Slovakia you can find our products in the major food chains, however our biggest
client is the Polish food store chain Biedronka….
In order to achieve larger success of our products in the market we enlarge the
portfolio of products with new kinds and groups of pastries. We believe that we reach
retailers and final consumers with the unique characteristic of our products, first of all
taste, then structure and quality.

Certificate BRC

In the Year 2014 we implemented our internal control systems of safety and quality
also the requirements of Global norm for food safety BRC. Process of implementing
this safety system for food production was finished in November 2014 when our
company successfully proved the system by certified audit and gained the
appropriate certificate BRC.